National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia


| Accreditation Number: 15840 | Site Number: 24882 |

Date of Accreditation: 02/06/2020

Address Details:
6 Techno Park Drive
Contact Details:
Mr Mandar Phadke
+61(03) 93999199

Availability:Type A Inspection Body

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ISO/IEC 17020 (2012)
Infrastructure and Asset Integrity

Coated and corroded surfaces - InspectionCoated and corroded surfacesAcceptance inspection; Examination; Fabrication inspection; Systems assessment; Verification; Witnessing; AS 1580; AS 1627 (All parts); AS 2312.1; AS 3894; AS 4100;
AS/NZS 2311; AS/NZS 2312.2; AS/NZS 4680;
Client specific standards and specification service Inspection and other similar standards.
All applicable NACE, ISO and SSPC Standards.

Fabricated components and assemblies - InspectionAluminium structures; Steel assemblies; Structural steelwork; Structures; Welded fabrications; Acceptance inspection; Commissioning inspection; Examination; Fabrication inspection; Witnessing; AS 1665; AS 3978
AS/NZS 1554 Series; AS/NZS 2885.2; AS/NZS 3992
AWS D1 series
DIN EN 970
Similar Test standards and other national and international standards related to welding and welding inspection service Inspection
Assessed for compliance with VicRoads Clause 630

Fabricated components and assemblies; Steel assemblies; Structural steelwork; Welded fabrications; Surveillance; Survey; Systems assessment; Verification; Client standards
Assessed for compliance with VicRoads TB 46

Industrial processes - InspectionWeldingAcceptance inspection; Examination; Fabrication inspection; Weld consumable qualification; Welder qualification; Weld procedure qualification; Witnessing; Witnessing of test plates; AS/NZS 3992
AS/NZS ISO 3834; AS/NZS ISO 9606 series
ASME V, Article 9
AWS D1 series
DIN EN 970
ISO 15614.1
and similar welding standards

Pressure plant, pipelines and equipment - Fabrication inspectionStorage tanksAcceptance inspection; Fabrication inspection; Hold-point; Verification; Witnessing; AS 1692; API 650; API 620; BS EN 14015; customer specifications and similar standards

Boilers; Fired pressure vessels; Pipelines; Pressure piping; Unfired pressure vessels; Acceptance inspection; Fabrication inspection; Hold-point; Verification; Witnessing; AS 1210; AS 3920.1; AS 4037
AS/NZS 1554
ASME B31.1, B31.3, B31.8 and similar standards

Pressure plant, pipelines and equipment - In-service inspectionStorage tanksIn-service inspection; Modification inspection; Testing; Verification; AS 1940 clause 9.17.1, 9.17.2 and 9.17.3; API 653; customer specifications and similar standards

Ancillary plant - Fans, pumps, ductwork; Auxiliary vessels; Boilers; Buried or mounded pressure equipment; Compressed air containing vessels; Fired heaters or convection banks; Pressure piping; Pressure relief devices; Process vessels; Refrigeration and air conditioning vessels; Static low temperature vessels - Below -10 oC; Static storage vessels; Steam pressure vessels; Vessels with quick actuating closures; Water heaters; In-service inspection; Modification inspection; Verification; AS 1271; AS 4037; AS 4343
AS/NZS 2885; AS/NZS 3788
Similar standards and codes such as ASME BPV code and BS PD5500 specification

WitnessingTestingWitnessingAS 4037
AS/NZS 2885.2
and similar client specifications
Witnessing of pressure tests on pressure equipment including vessels, piping, and measuring and relief devices

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