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| Accreditation Number: 17149 | Site Number: 18750 |

Date of Accreditation: 26/03/2010

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274 Wickham Road
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Ms Yvonne Wu
+61(03) 95322207

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ISO/IEC 17025 (2017)
Manufactured Goods

Material performance evaluation of elastomers, plastics and composite productsPipe material and related productsDispersion of carbon blackNot applicableAS/NZS 1462.28

StiffnessNot applicableAS/NZS 1462.22

DimensionsNot applicableAS/NZS 1462.1

Ring flexibilityNot applicableAS/NZS 1462.23

ReversionNot applicableAS/NZS 1462.4
ISO 2505

IntegrityNot applicablePIP PNSC0036 clause 4.6.1
Including pipe butt fusion
Prepared test specimensHardnessBarcol; Durometer; ASTM D2240
ASTM D 2583
Shore scales A, D
Bending properties; Flexing; Not applicableASTM D790
ISO 178
Including unreinforced and reinforced plastics and electrical insulating materials
Carbon black contentMuffle furnaceolefin plastics - ASTM D1603; polyethylene compounds - ASTM D4218

Failure mode ; Tensile properties; Tensile tests with load stress and cross-head controlISO 13953;
500 N to 20 kN

Specific gravityNot applicabledisplacement - ASTM D 792

Oxidation induction temperature; Oxidation induction time (OIT); Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC)polyolefins - ASTM D3895; polyolefin geosynthetics -  ASTM D5885; Transition temperature of fusion of polymers -  ASTM D3418; ISO 11357-6
Including polyolefins, polyolefin geosynthetics; polymers
Melt-mass flow rate (MFR)Not applicableASTM D1238 Procedure A; melt flow mass-flow rate (MFR), melt volume flow rate (MVR) - ISO 1133-1
Including extrusion plastometer
Including thermoplastics
190°C and 230°C

Ash contentMuffle furnaceplastics - ASTM D5630; cured reinforced resins - ASTM D2584

Geonets and geocompositesTensile propertiesTensile tests with load stress and cross-head controlASTM D6693
ISO 527-1
Including polyethylene and nonreinforced flexible polyethylene geomembranes
50 N to 5000 N

Bond strengthNot applicableASTM D7005

Core thicknessNot applicableASTM D5994
Including textured geomembranes
Peel strengthNot applicableASTM D6496
Including average bonding peel strength between the top and bottom layers of GCLs
Stress crack resistanceNot applicable ASTM D5397
AS/NZS 1462.25
Including notched constant tensile load

Dispersion of carbon blackNot applicableASTM D5596
Including polyolefin geosynthetics
Shear strengthNot applicableASTM D7056
Including pre-fabricated bituminous geomembrane seams
Asperity heightNot applicableASTM D7466

Integrity; Tensile properties; Not applicable; Tensile tests with load stress and cross-head control; ASTM D6392; 
ASTM D4437-1999
ISO 6259
Including field seams used in joining flexible polymeric sheet geomembranes; nonreinforced geomembrane seams produced using thermo-fusion methods

Plastic film and sheetingTear resistanceNot applicableASTM D1004; peel tests - ISO 13954

Material performance evaluation of leather, textiles and related productsGeotextilesMaximum forceGrab tensileAS 2001.2.3.2; ASTM D7004
50N to 5000N

Burst strengthCalifornia bearing ratio plunger (CBR)AS 3706.4; ASTM D6241

Breaking loadNot applicableASTM D7179
Including geonets
Mass per unit areaNot applicableAS 2001.2.13: ASTM D5993
Peel strengthASTM D751 Sections 45-48

Sampling and conditioningNot applicableAS 3706.1
Including sample preparation
Puncture resistanceDrop cone; Index value; AS 3706.5, ASTM D4833

Seam strengthNot applicableAS 3706.6

Tear resistanceTearing trapezoidalAS 3706.3; ASTM D751 section 32; ASTM D4533

Tensile propertiesWide strip tensileAS 3706.2; Geosynthetic Clay Liners - ASTM D6768; Bituminous Geomembranes - ASTM D7275 
50N to 5000N

ThicknessNot applicableAS 2001.2.15; ASTM D5199

Geosynthetic clay linersMethylene blue index of clayNot applicableASTM C837
Material performance evaluation of paint and related productsIndustrial coatingsAdhesionPull-off testAS 1580.408.5
Continuity - HolidayHigh voltage (brush)AS 3894.1
GlossMeasurement using a reference meterAS 1580.602.2

ISO/IEC 17025 (2017)

Metallic corrosion evaluationPlatingCoating thicknessMagnetic induction - Low frequencyAS 2331.1.4
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