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Date of Accreditation: 03/07/2008

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ISO/IEC 17025 (2017)
Infrastructure and Asset Integrity

Evaluation of mechanical performance of pressure plant, pipelines and equipmentPiping; Pressure fittings; Valves; Hydrostatic pressure; Leakage; Not applicableAS 1579 Appendix F, AS 1631 Section 9.1, AS 2885.5 Section 7.8 (Type 1), AS 4037 Section 17, ASME B31.3 Section 345.4, AS 2885.5 Section 7.9 (Type A)
Above ground and exposed pipe sections up to 50 MPa

Metallic storage vessels; Pressure vessels; Hydrostatic pressureNot applicableAS 4037 Section 17 
up to 50 MPa

ISO/IEC 17025 (2017)
Manufactured Goods

Evaluation of access protection productsEdge protection (including guardrails and guardrail posts)Deflection; Rigidity; Strength; Not applicableAS 1657 Section 6.1.2, Appendices B and C

Material performance evaluation of elastomers, plastics and composite productsPipe material and related productsPeel strength; Tensile properties; Tensile tests with load stress and cross-head controlISO 13953
ISO 13954
Butt joints

Material performance evaluation of metal productsReinforcing bar and steel prestressing materials for concreteBending propertiesSimple bendAS/NZS 4671 clause 7.2.3

Geometric propertiesIndentation geometry; Mass per unit length; Rib geometry; AS 4671 Appendices C 3.1, C 3.2, C 3.3

Tensile propertiesLongitudinal tensileAS/NZS 4671 Clause 7.2.2; Appendix C2.2

Fixtures and componentsTensile propertiesNot applicableLMATS in-house procedure TP-ME-02
500 N to 500 kN

Tubing/pipingBending properties; Flattening properties; Shear strength; Not applicableAS/NZS 1163 Section 10, AS 2505.3, ASTM A370

Wire, wire strands and coated wire productsBending propertiesReverse bend; Simple bend; AS 2505.2, AS2505.4

WrappingNot applicableAS 2505.6, ASTM A370

Tensile propertiesCord breaking strength of conveyor wire; Longitudinal tensile;  AS 1391, ASTM A370, ASTM E8, ISO 6892.1

Threaded fasteners, bolts and nutsTensile propertiesNot applicable AS 1391; AS 4291.1
500 N to 500 kN

Welded test specimensNick-break fractureVisual examinationAS 2205.4.1, ISO 9017 

Macroscopic examinationVisual examinationAS 3992 Section 13.5; ASME IX; AWS D1.1; AWS D1.6
Including brazed specimens
Shear strengthTensile tests with load stress and cross-head control AS 2205.8.1, AS 2205.8.2, ISO 15630-2 

Peel strengthNot applicableAS 3992 Section 13.4, ASME IX QB170

Torque on stud weldsNot applicableASME IX QW 192

Macroscopic examinationMacroscopic examinationAS 2205.5.1, ISO 17639

CrackingHot crackingAS 2205.9.1

Fillet-break fractureMacroscopic examination; Visual examination; AS 2205.4.2; AWS D1.1 Section 4; ASME Section IX QW 12; AWS D1.6 Section 46; ISO 9017

Prepared metallic test specimens; Tubing/piping; Bending properties; Compression; Flattening properties; Shear modulus; Shear strength; Not applicableLMATS in-house procedure TPME-03, AS/NZS 1163 Section 10; AS 2505.3; ASTM A370
Compression - 500 N to 500 kN

Prepared metallic test specimens; Welded test specimens; Charpy impact toughnessCharpy - Lateral expansion; Charpy V-notch - Impact value; AS 1544.2; AS 2205.7.1; ASTM E23; ISO 148-1
Temperature range - ambient down to -70°C and at -196°C
Excluding lateral expansion for ASTM E23

Tensile propertiesAll-weld-metal tensile; Axial tensile; Longitudinal tensile; Tensile tests with control of strain rate, including yield stress and proof stress; Transverse butt tensile; Transverse joggle-butt tensile; Transverse tensile; Uniaxial tension; AS 1391, ASTM A370, ASTM E8,ISO 6892-1,AS 2205.2, ISO 4136, ISO 5178, ISO 9018, AS 3992 Section 13.2, ASME IX QW150 and QB150, AWS D1.1 Section 4 and AWS D1.6 Section 4

500 N to 500 kN 

HardnessBrinell; Rockwell - Scale B; Rockwell - Scale C; Vickers; AS 1816.1; ASTM A370; ASTM E10; ISO 6506-1;AS 1815.1; ASTM E18; ASTM E384; ISO 6508.1;AS 1817.1; ISO 9015-1; ISO 9015-2; ISO 6507-1; AS 2205.6.1
Brinell 4.9 to 29.4 kN including tests at 29.4 kN using portable hardness testers; Vickers 9.8 N to 490 N and Vickers microhardness up to 9.8 N

Bending propertiesLongitudinal guided bend; Transverse guided bend; AS 2505.1; AS 2205.2; AS 2205.5, ASTM A370, AS 2205.3.1, AS 2205.3.2, AS 2205.3.3, AS 3992 Section 13.3, ASME IX QW160, AWS D1.1 Section 4, AWS D1.6 Section 4,
 ISO 5173

Material performance evaluation of paint and related productsArchitectural coatings; Automotive coatings; Decorative coatings; Industrial coatings; Marine coatings; Degree of cureBarcol hardness impressorAS 3894.4 Method D

Hot water immersionNot applicableAS 4822 Appendix F

DuctilityNot applicableAS 1580.402.1

Residual contaminants - Chlorides; Residual contaminants - Oil or water droplet contamination; Residual contaminants - Presence of mill scale; Residual contaminants - Soluble salts of iron; Residual contaminants - Surface dust; Not applicableAS 3894.6, Methods A, E

ISO/IEC 17025 (2017)

Analysis of metals and alloysCast irons; Chromium and chromium alloys; High alloy steels; Nickel and nickel alloys; Tool steels; Comparative indication of material grade and alloy typePortable X-ray fluorescence equipment
Material performance evaluation of refractories, ceramics and related materialsSilicate glassesMicrohardness of glass beadsNot applicableASTM E 384

Metallic corrosion evaluationCopper and copper alloysDezincification resistanceClassicalAS 2345

Stress corrosion resistanceMercurious nitrateAS 2136 and ASTM B154 

Austenitic, duplex and nickel-chromium alloysIntergranular attack or end grain pitting on metals caused by aircraft chemical processes; Intergranular corrosion resistance; Acidified copper sulfate exposure - Mony-Penny-Strauss; Copper-copper sulfate-sulfuric acid; Ferric sulfate - Sulfuric acid; Nitric acid; Nitric acid exposure - Huey; Oxalic acid etch; AS 2038 Section 6,Section 7; AS 2205.10.1;  ASTM A262 Practices A,B,C,E, ASTM G28 Method A; ASTM F2111 Sections 7.4, 7.5, 7.6

Pitting corrosion resistanceFerric chloride pittingASTM G48 Method A

Detrimental intermetallic phaseCharpy V-notch - Impact value; Ferric chloride corrosion test; Sodium hydroxide etch test; ASTM A923 Methods A,B,C

Chemical corrosion treatment materialsAdhesionNot applicableAS 3894.9 Methods A, B, C, ASTM D3359 Methods A, B

Chemical corrosion treatment materials; Plating; Coating thicknessMicroscopic examinationAS 2331.1.1, AS 1214 Appendix A; ASTM B487

Coating massDissolution - Strip, weigh and analyticalAS 1627.6 Appendix B4

Coating massDissolution - Strip, weigh and analyticalAS 2331.2.1,AS 4680 Appendix G2

Metallographic evaluation of metals and alloysAluminium and aluminium alloysPhase identification and proportionMicroscopic examinationASTM E562

Anodising thicknessNot applicableAS 1231 Section 7.2, ASTM B487, ISO 1463

Depth of claddingMicroscopic examinationASTM B487

Depth of surface defectsMicroscopic examinationASTM E3

Grain sizeMicroscopic examinationAS 1733, ASTM E112, ISO 643

Copper and copper alloysPhase identification and proportionMicroscopic examinationASTM E562

Depth of surface defectsMicroscopic examinationASTM E3

Grain sizeMicroscopic examinationAS 1733, ASTM E112, ISO 643

Austenitic, duplex and nickel-chromium alloys; Magnesium alloys; Nickel and nickel alloys; Titanium and titanium alloys; Grain sizeMicroscopic examinationAS 1733, ASTM E112, ISO 643

Depth of surface defectsMicroscopic examinationASTM E3

Phase identification and proportionMicroscopic examination ASTM E562

Ferrous materialsGrain sizeMicroscopic examinationAS 1733, ASTM E112, ISO 643

Non-metallic inclusion contentMicroscopic examinationAS 2197

Case depth and depth of decarburisationHardness traverse; Macroscopic examination; Microscopic examination; AS 1982 Sections 6.1, 6.2, 6.3, AS 2003 Sections 6.1, 6.2, ASTM F2328, ISO 2639, ISO 3754, SAE J423, 

EmbrittlementNot applicableASTM A143

Phase identification and proportionMicroscopic examinationASTM E562

Detection of iron on passivated steel - Contamination testCopper sulfate; Potassium ferricyanide nitric acid; ASTM A380 Sections and 7.3.4, ASTM A967 Practices D and E

Depth of surface defectsMicroscopic examinationASTM E3

Graphite type and distribution in cast ironsMicroscopic examinationISO 945

Non-metallic inclusion contentMacroscopic examination; Microscopic examination; AS 2087, ASTM E45 Section 5.1.3

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