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Allens Asphalt

Accreditation No: 4799
Caboolture Laboratory
Contact: Mr Ken De Silva
Mobile: 0401 894 333
Phone: (07) 5498 3570
22 Piper Street,
QLD 4510
Facilities: Public testing service
Last Modified: 19-FEB-16

This facility complies with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025:2005

2.16 Aggregates
.02 Sampling of aggregates
AS 1141 3.1
MR (Qld) Method Q060
Sampling from a truck, stockpile, pavement
.11 Bulk density
MR (Qld) Methods Q221A, Q221B
Uncompacted and compacted bulk density
.13 Particle size distribution
AS 1141 11.1
Sieve analysis
.16 Particle shape tests
AS1141 20.1, 20.3
MR (Qld) Method Q201, Q202
Flakiness index; average least dimension
.24 Contaminants
MR (Qld) Method Q217
Weak particles
.37 Filler tests
AS 1141 7, 17
Apparent particle density of filler; voids in dry compacted filler
.40 Adhesion of aggregates and binders
MR (Qld) Method Q216
Degree of precoating

2.18 Soils
.01 Sampling
MR (Qld) Method Q060
Disturbed sampling from a stockpile, pavement, truck
.03 Sample preparation
MR (Qld) Method Q101
.11 Classification tests
MR (Qld) Method Q103B
Sieve analysis

2.19 Asphalts
.01 Sampling
AS 2891 1.1, (except clause 7.2.2), 1.2
MR (Qld) Methods Q301, Q302A, Q302B
Compacted and uncompacted asphalt
.02 Site selection
MR (Qld) Method Q050
Site selection by random, random stratified and systematic random stratified number
.03 Sample preparation
MR (Qld) Methods Q301, Q303A, Q303B
.10 Asphalt analysis
MR (Qld) Methods Q308A, Q308D
RMS (NSW) Method T660
Bitumen content and aggregate grading (reflux, ignition oven); moisture content
.20 Mechanical properties
AS 2891 5
MR (Qld) Method Q305
Marshall stability and flow
.30 Volumetric properties
AS 2891 9.2, 9.3
MR (Qld) Methods Q306A, Q306B, Q306C, Q307A, Q311, Q317, Q318
Maximum density (water displacement); bulk density (waxing, presaturation, silicone, mensuration); voids and density relationships; binder film thickeness; mix volume ratio
.40 Field tests
MR (Qld) Methods Q306E, Q314
MR (Qld) Methods NGTM N04, N05
Field density using a nuclear surface moisture gauge (backscatter); density ratio
.50 Mix design
MR (Qld) Methods Q310
Binder drainage
.54 Permeability tests
MR (Qld) Methods Q304A
.60 Adhesion and stripping
AS 2891 11
Degree of particle coating

2.24 Road Pavement and Surfaces
.20 Surface profile tests
MR (Qld) Method Q712
Rut depth (straight edge)
.30 Surface characteristics
MR (Qld) Method Q705, Q706
Austroads Method AG:PT/T250, T251
Texture depth (sand patch; ball embedment