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EcoDiagnostics Pty Ltd

Accreditation No: 19290
EcoDiagnostics Pty Ltd
Contact: Mr J Ledger
Phone: 0417 938 067
147 Underwood Avenue,
WA 6014
Facilities: Public testing service
Last Modified: 22-DEC-17

This facility complies with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025:2005

8.03 Pharmacological and biochemical tests on foods, stockfoods and their additives
.14 Allergenic proteins

8.11 Microbiological tests on foods
.03 Dairy products
.04 Meat and meat products
.07 Fish, crustaceans and molluscs
.12 Vegetables and vegetable products
.14 Beverages
Beer only

8.18 Microbiological tests for monitoring defined environments
.01 Surfaces
.02 Air

8.70 Waters, including effluents
.11 Bacteriological condition of potable waters
.12 Bacteriological condition of industrial waters (treated, recirculating)
.15 Bacteriological condition of swimming pools and spas
.16 Bacteriological condition of environmental waters
.17 Bacteriological condition of recycled waters
.18 Bacteriological condition of purified / processed waters

8.81 Nucleic acid analysis [Suspended]
.02 Genotyping [Suspended]
For the following determinations -
Enterococci, PCR detection and characterization (including identification and typing of bacteria)[Suspended],
plate count, thermotolerant coliforms
Escherichia coli, Legionella[Suspended], Legionella pneumophila[Suspended],
Pseudomonas aeruginosa

By the methods of -
AS 4276.9, AS 4276.7, AS 4276.13
In house methods - EDP-18, EDP-22[Suspended], EDP-200[Suspended]

For the following determinations -
Plate count
Listeria[Suspended], Listeria monocytogenes[Suspended], Salmonella[Suspended]
By the methods of -
In-house methods EDP-401[Suspended], EDP-402[Suspended], EDP-403

For the following determinations -
Lactic acid bacteria, plate count, wild yeast
By the methods of -
In-house methods EDP-301, EDP-303, EDP-305

Surfaces and air
For the following determinations -
Plate count, yeast and mould
By the method of -
In-house method EDP-501

Nucleic acid analysis [Suspended]
For the following determination - [Suspended]
Identity of species by barcoding (invasive terrestrial and marine species)[Suspended]
By the methods of - [Suspended]
In house methods EDP-100 to EDP-109[Suspended]

For raw meat products
Almond allergens, egg allergens, gluten allergens, hazelnut allergens,
total milk proteins, peanut allergens, sesame allergens, soy allergens
By the methods of -
In house methods - EDP-600 to EDP-607