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Australian Museum

Accreditation No: 18884
Australian Centre for Wildlife Genomics
Contact: Dr Greta Frankham
Phone: 02 9320 6430
1 William Street,
NSW 2010
Facilities: Conditionally available for public testing
Last Modified: 17-MAR-16

This laboratory complies with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025 (2005) interpreted for research using CITAC Guide CG2 Quality Assurance for Research and Development and Non-Routine Analysis (1998).

Management and conduct of research into the determination of:
- the identification of a particular species;
- the identification of an individual to a geographical region;
- individualisation - pedigree testing or matching two samples.

Biological samples are securely stored for sample/evidence integrity and chain of custody is maintained.

Analyses of the biological samples is performed using the following analytical techniques and processes:

- Genomic DNA Extraction
- PCR for species identification (including PCR clean-up)
- PCR for individual identification (including PCR clean-up)
- Agarose gel electrophoresis
- DNA sequencing
- DNA sequencing analysis
- DNA genotype analysis
- DNA-based gender testing
- Morphological identification of species (terrestrial vertebrate, terrestrial invertebrate, marine vertebrate, marine invertebrate)
- Tissue subsampling
- Tissue banking

The Australian Museum Frozen Tissue Collection Bank is a biorepository and databank focused on the collection of species related biospecimens. It provides researchers with a diverse range of specimens and the associated data obtained. The Frozen Tissue Collection is managed in accordance with applicable principles of the National Health and Medical Research Council Biobanks Information Paper 2010.