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Accreditation No: 15840
Sydney NDT Laboratory
Contact: Mr Aaron Hart
Mobile: 0433 639 391
Phone: (02) 9648 1989
Fax: (02) 9647 1590
Unit 1C, 137-139 Silverwater Road,
NSW 2128
Facilities: Public testing service
Last Modified: 27-AUG-14

This facility complies with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025:2005

6.01 Radiographic interpretation applicable to the following
.01 Welded joints
.02 Castings
.03 Wrought products
.04 Components, composite products and assemblies

6.03 Radiographic thickness testing
.01 Wall thickness measurement and profile radiography

6.04 Radiographic imaging capability
.01 Film

6.50 Ultrasonic examination of materials
.01 Ultrasonic A-Scan capability for listed ultrasonic testing applications
.10 Welded ferritic steel joints
.11 Welded clad and overlaid steel joints
.12 Welded stainless steel and austenitic joints
.13 Welded aluminium alloy joints
.14 Welded joints in other specified metals
.20 Bonded metals - machine bearings
.21 Bonded metals - welded hard facings
.30 Cast steel and iron product
.31 Cast aluminium alloy product
.41 Rolled or wrought steel product
.42 Rolled or wrought aluminium product, including extruded items

6.51 Ultrasonic thickness testing
.01 Material thickness - spot or grid measurements only
.02 Material profiling including assessment and characterisation of material loss

6.61 Magnetic particle testing
.01 Magnetic flow method - AC magnetization

6.71 Penetrant testing
.01 Water washable method
.02 Solvent removable method

6.81 Electromagnetic examination of materials
.11 Surface flaw detection using high frequency eddy current
.13 Sorting of materials by conductivity
.55 Assessment of Ferrite Content

6.82 Electromagnetic thickness testing
.01 Coating thickness measurement

6.91 Visual assessment of materials, prior to initial service
.01 Rolled product
.02 Welded joints
.03 Castings
.04 Forgings

6.92 Visual assessment of materials, during service life, for defined service applications
.01 Specified rolled items
Pressure vessel and structural plates and sections
.02 Specified welded joints
Pressure vessel and structural welds, including pipe welds
.03 Specified castings
Valve bodies, piping components, locomotive engine components
.04 Specified forgings
Valve components, pressure vessel attachments, locomotive engine components
.99 Other materials, for defined service applications
Deep drawn cylinders.

6.94 Comparative indication of material grade and alloy type
.01 Comparative indication using portable XRF equipment
UNS# A13840, A95083, A96063, C36000, C62700, C71300, C83600, R30605, R30816, S30300, S30400, S31254, S31600, S31700, S32100, S32750, S43100, SAE G4130, G4140, AISI 4340, 17- 4PH, CDA 386, CDA 360, Inconel 901, AISI 8620, AISI 1045, Hastalloy X, H13 toolsteel, Duplex 2205, Duplex 255, Duplex 254

6.97 Leak testing using differential pressure box
Vacuum box testing to TP-VT-09