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National Measurement Institute

Accreditation No: 198
Chemical Reference Materials
Contact: Dr S Davies
Phone: (02) 9449 0111
Fax: (02) 9449 1653
105 Delhi Road,
North Ryde
NSW 2113
Facilities: Facility offering its services publicly
Last Modified: 29-FEB-16

This facility complies with ISO Guide 34 (2009) - General Requirements for the Competence of Reference Material Producers

.01 Pure organic compounds
Production of certified reference materials and reference materials of pure substance organic solids for applications in;

Agrichemical and Veterinary Drugs
Agrichemicals, key metabolites and surrogates
Veterinary steroids, growth promotants, antibiotics and key metabolites

Forensic Drugs
Amphetamines and related compounds
Butiophenones (α-Alkylamino) and related substances
Cathinones (α-Aminopropiophenones)
Cocaine, metabolites and related compounds
Ephedrine and related substances
Miscellanous compounds
Opiates and related substances
Phenethylamines and related compounds
1-Phenyl-2-aminobutanes and related compounds
Pentiophenones (α-Alkylamino) and related substances
Synthetic cannabiniods

Sport Doping Control References
Growth Promotants and metabolites
Hormone antagonists and modulators
PDE-5 Inhibitors
Prohormones and metabolites
Synthetic Cannabinoids
Synthetic steroids and metabolites
Testosterone and metabolites

With ability to provide a reference value of purity of greater than 99%, with a minimum uncertainity of measurement of (95 %) -
± 0.3% mass fraction, using the mass balance approach
± 0.5% using quantitative NMR

The synthesised material is supplied in vials containing a stated minimum amount or in sealed ampoules containing a specified amount of substance.