Draft NPAAC documentsThe National Pathology Accreditation Council (NPAAC) has released the Requirements for Transfusion Laboratory Practice (Third Edition 20XX) draft document for public consultation.

The draft document is available from the NPAAC website.

All comments should be submitted using the NPAAC public consultation submissions template that can be accessed from the same webpage.

The public consultation period closes Friday 5 August 2016.


NPAAC is a ministerially appointed expert committee that provides advice to all levels of government on matters relating to pathology accreditation. One of its key responsibilities is the development and maintenance of pathology accreditation materials. In performing this role, NPAAC establishes expert, technical drafting committees to develop new or to revise existing accreditation standards. Part of the usual document review process is to release the draft documents for public consultation to facilitate the finalisation of the standard(s).

The Requirements set out the role that Transfusion Laboratories play in stewardship of both patients and the blood supply and recognises the importance of patient blood management and haemovigilance programs.
NPAAC has reviewed the Requirements for Transfusion Laboratory Practice and has taken a more risk based approach with the view to ensuring that there are safeguards in place for patients undergoing transfusion or immunohaematology testing, and to reflect contemporary best practice. In addition, the revised Requirements are aligned with the current Australia New Zealand Society of Blood Transfusion Guidelines for Pretransfusion Laboratory Practice and this document must be read in conjunction with the NPAAC document.

There are new standards to address the introduction of automated immunohaematology testing platforms and other support the management of inventory and minimisation of wastage of blood.


NPAAC is seeking views from the pathology sector and interested parties on the aforementioned draft documents to assist with the finalisation of the documents. It would be appreciated if you could provide -

  • an indication of whether to document is acceptable in its current form
  • technical comments or suggestions on any possible revisions to the documents
  • comments on potential associated costs, if any, in relation to compliance with proposed requirements, or 
  • a nil response if your organisation has no comment on the draft document(s).

Submissions should be titled as a public consultation submission and forwarded to the NPAAC Secretariat using the Public Consultation Phase Comment form and emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

All comments must be received by Friday 5 August 2016 to ensure that feedback can be considered by the relevant technical drafting committees. Please be advised that late submissions will not be considered in the current round of public consultation.  

Should you have any further queries, please contact the NPAAC Secretariat via Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.