WAD 2014 WinnersThe winners of our 2014 World Accreditation Day competition have been announced. They are:

“The provision of energy doesn’t come without risk. To reduce that risk, Accreditation provides a level of assurance that companies providing services to the energy industry are performing their services correctly, as required.  

This in turn supports the continuity of supply to meet our world’s continual growing demand for energy.”

Mark Daniel
Regional Quality Manager
Applus RTD – Asia Pacific

Energy provision in Australia currently finds itself centre-stage in the public spotlight. Rapidly spiralling costs coupled with cynical blame-games, played out at both business and political levels, have left consumers confused and disenchanted.  

“Accreditation in Australia has a vital role to play in providing the platforms necessary to help address these issues.  For example, through ensuring the collection of quality data, any environmental changes can be measured more accurately which, in-turn, facilitates greater accuracy in modelling potential future changes and adds gravitas to conclusions reached.  Furthermore, as next generation energy provision technologies are more widely implemented, the use of quality materials will ensure their benefits are fully harnessed.  

“Australia’s future energy policies and provision must be based on quality science and accreditation lies at its foundation.”

Simon Lake
Quality Assurance Manager
CIPDD / TetraQ 
The University of Queensland

“Accreditation supports the provision of energy by ensuring that organisations maintain homogeneity in good practice and auditing, thus minimising breakdowns. Furthermore, the monitoring and reporting of new technologies supports the evolution of services in Australia and ensures sustainable practice.”

Samantha Damiani
Earth Testing Services

NATA congratulates our winners and is pleased to present them with their prizes. Each receives a dinner for two to the value of $200 at the restaurant of their choice.