NATA commenced a restructure at the end of 2011 with the aim of moving towards a multi-discipline accreditation model which is more externally aligned.
The allocation of the traditional discipline-based fields and programs to a five sector structure was determined at the time to be the best fit.  It was also understood, however, that the structure adopted would continually be monitored to ensure that it remained effective and efficient in meeting the needs of accredited facilities and their stakeholders.
Of the many projects and activities necessary to realise the objective, two in particular have informed NATA's thinking around internal structures and how to transition to a more transparent and agile accreditation model:

  • The formalisation and growing maturity of NATA's stakeholder engagement protocols which now include business intelligence process; and
  • A major project on scopes of accreditation which will deliver a far greater level in clarity and consistency of expression within and across technical disciplines and be delivered in tabular format.

To facilitate both improved balance in the sectoral management arrangements and the next steps in the transition to a more user-needs focussed accreditation model, there has been a reallocation of technical responsibilities between some sectors.

These groupings will continue to evolve to meet the needs of a changing Australian economy.

The new management arrangements and the industry classifications being used at this time are as follows.

Sector Staff Responsibilities – existing activities Industry classifications
Paul McMullen
Sector Manager Calibration
Reference Material Producers
Proficiency Testing Scheme Providers
Information Communication Technology Testing
Crosscuts industry classifications
Julian Wilson
Sector Manager Inspection
Inspection Crosscuts industry classifications
Brett Hyland
Sector Manager Infrastructure
Marcel Vanderslik
Deputy Sector Manager
Mechanical Testing
Performance and Approval Testing
Manufactured Goods
Asset Integrity & Infrastructure
Tracy Fleming
Sector Manager Legal and Clinical Services

Andy Griffin
Deputy Sector Manager
Forensic Services
Medical Imaging (including DIAS)

Medical Testing
Sleep Disorders Services
Human Pathology
Medical Imaging
Sleep Disorders Services
Non-clinical Human Testing
Neil Shepherd
Sector Manager Life Sciences

Diane Hobday
Deputy Sector Manager
Biological Testing
Chemical Testing
Veterinary Testing
Food & Beverage
Animal Health
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