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The introduction of the Members Portal at the end of 2012 has enhanced the communications, sharing of information, collaboration and document exchange between NATA and its members. 

If you have not taken up the use of the Portal you may be interested in what the portal can offer.

Uploading of documents

The Portal gives members the ability to conduct more online business transactions such as uploading supporting and preparatory documents for an assessment; making a submission in response to a condition from an assessment, or sending non-conformity responses electronically through to NATA for processing. 

The Portal is capable of supporting larger file sizes which will help overcome issues relating to the current email size limitations.  Additionally, the system automatically notifies the relevant Client Coordinator of any new document uploaded by a member.  Over time this will improve the accreditation processes, schedules, and service delivery.

Safe and secure submission and storage of documents/records

All documents submitted via the Members Portal are stored electronically within NATA’s internal Electronic Documents & Records Management System (EDRMS) which is part of NATA’s wider disaster recovery solution.  Uploaded documents are only accessible to authorised staff - for example, the relevant Client Coordinator (and Field staff) who are assigned to assisting the member with their accreditation requirements.

Faster circulation

The Portal allows for improved and timely circulation or provision of accreditation/assessment related documents and records such as (re)assessment intention letter, Accreditation Information Document (AID), (re)assessment report and confirmation letter, notification letter etc.

The system is able to automatically send an alert of any new documents provided to the member via the Portal.

Better access to relevant information for members

As well as being an excellent tool for sending information to NATA, the Portal allows for timely access to targeted/tailored communication, information, publications (e.g. NATA Accreditation Requirement (NAR) packages, newsletter) and collaboration materials (e.g. news and events, field updates) to a member’s field(s)/programs of accreditation.
This reduces the time spent searching for information and provides a more personalised service and experience. The system is also able to automatically send an alert to the member of any new or modified NATA publications available via the Portal.

Members can familiarise themselves with the public area of the Members Portal by visiting or click ‘Members Portal’ from the NATA Website.

Cheat Sheets are available on the Portal within ‘General Publications’.

If you are interested in registering to use the Portal, please contact your NATA Client Coordinator or NATA’s IT Department on 1800 621 666.