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Network Geotechnics Pty Ltd

Accreditation No: 1318
Wollongong Laboratory
Contact: Mr S R Thorley
Mobile: 0411 720 066
Phone: 02 4257 4458
Fax: 02 4257 4463
1/140 Industrial Road,
NSW 2529
Facilities: Public testing service
Last Modified: 03-OCT-17

This facility complies with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025:2005

2.01 Establishment of annex facilities
Accreditation is held to establish annex laboratories

Warrell Creek to Nambucca Heads Annex Facility, Site No. 22932, is established from 27 April 2015 to 13 December 2017 for the contract specified below:
Contract: Warrell Creek to Nambucca Heads Pacific Highway upgrade for Acciona Ferrovial Joint Venture
Contract No: B4055-A-00293

Warrell Creek to Nambucca Heads Concrete Annex Facility, Site No. 23473, is established from 26 April 2016 to 26 April 2018 for the contract specified below:
Contract: Warrell Creek to Nambucca Heads Pacific Highway upgrade for Acciona Ferrovial Joint Venture
Contract No: B4055-A-000500

Nowra WWTP Site Lab Annex Facility, Site No: 23890, is established from 31 January 2017 to 30 October 2017 for the contract specified below:
Contract: Nowra & Bomaderry Waste Water Treatment Plants

Woolgoolga to Ballina (Bridge) Annex Facility, Site No: 23983, is established from 08 March 2017 to 01 May 2019 for the contract specified below Contract: Woolgoolga to Ballina Pacific Highway Upgrade (W2B) Project for Acciona Ferrovial Hardwood Joint Venture

The W2B Portion B Annex Facility Site No. 24244 is established from 02 October 2017 until 02 October 2020 for the following contract: Pacific Complete contract no: 16.0000002544.1952 for the Pacific Highway Upgrade Woolgoolga to Ballina Section

2.12 Concrete, grout and mortar
.01 Sampling
AS 1012 1, 14
RMS (NSW) Method T300
Fresh concrete; cores
.12 Consistence
AS 1012 3.1
RMS (NSW) Method T301
Slump test (field)
.13 Air content of freshly mixed concrete
AS 1012 4.2
RMS (NSW) Method T320
Reduced air pressure
.14 Mass per unit volume of freshly mixed concrete
AS 1012 5
RMS (NSW) Method T303
Mass per unit volume of freshly mixed concrete (field)
.20 Making and curing test specimens
AS 1012 8.1, 8.2, 14
RMS (NSW) Methods T304, T310, T327, T367, T368, T375
Making and curing compression and flexural test specimens; preparation and conditioning (wet only) of cores; field simulated curing and testing of moulded concrete specimens; dressing of voids. Manufacture and curing of grout and mortar cubes in the field
.23 Compression tests
AS 1012 9, 14
RMS (NSW) Methods T305, T306, T310, T375
Compressive strength (cylinders, cores, cubes); capping of specimens
.25 Indirect tensile tests
AS 1012 10
Brazil tests
.26 Flexural strength tests
AS 1012 11
RMS (NSW) Method T328
Modulus of rupture
.27 Mass per unit volume of hardened concrete
AS 1012 12.1, 12.2
RMS (NSW) Methods T316, T317, T381
Mass per unit volume of hardened concrete (measurement and water displacement methods); relative compaction

2.15 Rocks
.41 Strength tests
AS 4133 4.1
RMS (NSW) Method T223
Point load strength index

2.16 Aggregates
.02 Sampling of aggregates
AS 1141 3.1
RMS (NSW) Method T100
Sampling from a conveyor belt, truck, stockpile, windrow, pavement
.04 Sampling rock spalls, gabions, boulders and rock core
AS 1141 3.2
RMS (NSW) Method T100
Sampling from a rock spall, boulder, quarry face, drill core
.11 Bulk density
AS 1141 4
RMS (NSW) Methods T211, T212
Uncompacted and compacted bulk density
.12 Particle density and water absorption
AS 1141 5, 6.1
RMS (NSW) Methods T209, T210
Particle density and water absorption (fine and coarse aggregate)
.13 Particle size distribution
AS 1141, 11.1, 12, 13
RMS (NSW) Methods T201, T203, T270
Particle size distribution (sieve analysis); material finer than 75 μm; materials finer than 2 μm
.16 Particle shape tests
AS 1141 14, 15, 18, 20.1, 20.2
RMS (NSW) Methods T213, T235, T239, T275, T278
Particle shape (proportional calliper); flakiness index; average least dimension; crushed faces; ratio of greatest to least dimension
.20 Aggregate strength tests
AS 1141 21, 22
RMS (NSW) Methods T205, T215, T216
Aggregate crushing value; wet/dry strength variation
.21 Abrasion tests
AS 1141 23, 27
RMS (NSW) Method T204
Los Angeles value; resistance to wear by attrition
.23 Soundness tests
AS 1141 24, 66
RMS (NSW) Methods T266, T659
Exposure to sodium sulphate solution; methylene blue value
.24 Contaminants
AS 1141 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 37
RMS (NSW) Methods T202, T220, T260, T269, T276
Light particles; weak particles; clay and fine silt; organic impurities other than sugar; sugar; iron unsoundness; foreign material in crushed concrete
.30 Alkali reactivity
AS 1141 60.1
RMS (NSW) Methods T363
Potential alkali reactivity (accelerated mortar bar)
.34 Moisture content
RMS (NSW) Method T262
Moisture content (oven drying)
.35 Polishing
AS 1141 41, 42
RMS (NSW) Methods T231, T233
Polished aggregate friction value (horizontal wheel); frictional resistance (pendulum)
.40 Adhesion of aggregates and binders
RMS (NSW) Methods T230, T238
Resistance to stripping; initial adhesion
.51 Stabilisation tests
AS 1141 52
AS 5101 4
Unconfined cohesion of compacted materials; unconfined compressive strength

2.17 Bituminous Materials
.28 Softening point tests
AS 2341 18
RMS (NSW) T505
Softening point (ring and ball method)

2.18 Soils
.01 Sampling
AS 1289 1.2.1
RMS (NSW) Method T100
Disturbed sampling from a stockpile, windrow, pavement, in-situ, face, open-drive
.02 Site selection
AS 1289 1.4.1, 1.4.2
Site selection by random number and stratified random number
.03 Sample preparation
AS 1289 1.1
RMS (NSW) Methods T102, T103, T105
Sample preparation; pre-treatment (repeated compaction, artificial weathering)
.11 Classification tests
AS 1289 2.1.1, 2.1.2, 2.1.4, 2.1.6, 2.3.1, 3.1.1, 3.1.2, 3.2.1, 3.3.1, 3.4.1, 3.6.1
RMS (NSW) Methods T106, T107, T108, T109, T113, T120, T121, T180, T2105
Moisture content (oven drying, sand bath, hotplate, microwave oven); liquid limit (Casagrande four point and one point); plastic limit; plasticity index; linear shrinkage; sieve analysis; fine particle size distribution
.21 Chemical tests
AS 1289 4.3.1, 4.4.1
RMS (NSW) Methods T123, T185, T1010
pH; electrical resistivity, chloride content
.25 Dispersion tests
AS 1289 3.8.1
Emerson class number
.32 Compaction tests
AS 1289 5.1.1, 5.2.1, 5.4.2, 5.5.1
RMS (NSW) Methods T111, T112, T130, T162, T164
Dry density/moisture content relationship (standard and modified compactive effort); dry density/moisture content relationship (3 point method); assignment of OMC and MDD; minimum and maximum dry density
.35 Field density tests
AS 1289 5.3.1, 5.4.1, 5.6.1, 5.7.1, 5.8.1
RMS (NSW) Methods T119, T166, T173
Relative compaction; field density (sand-cone, sand pouring apparatus); dry density ratio, moisture variation and moisture ratio; density index; compaction control - Hilf method; field density using a nuclear gauge
.42 Bearing strength tests
AS 1289 6.1.1
RMS (NSW) Method T117
Bearing ratio (remoulded specimens)
.43 Uniaxial strength tests
RMS (NSW) Method T114
Compressive strength (maximum dry)
.46 Permeability tests
AS 1289 6.7.1, 6.7.2
Permeability (constant and falling head)
.47 Strength and penetration field tests
AS 1289 6.3.2, 6.3.3
RMS (NSW) Method T161
Penetration (dynamic cone, Perth sand penetrometer)
.63 Soil stabilization chemical tests
RMS (NSW) Method T134
Cement content (EDTA titration)
.64 Soil stabilization strength tests
RMS (NSW) Methods T116, T131
Compressive strength (unconfined)
.66 Soil stabilization field tests
RMS (NSW) Method T136
Rate of spread of lime or cement

2.19 Asphalts
.01 Sampling [Suspended]
AS 2891 1.2
RMS (NSW) Method T631
Compacted samples - cores
.30 Volumetric properties [Suspended]
AS 2891 9.2, 9.3
Bulk density (presaturation and mensuration)
.40 Field tests [Suspended]
AS 2891 14.5
Density ratio and voids

2.24 Road Pavement and Surfaces
.30 Surface characteristics
RMS (NSW) Method T240
Texture depth (sand patch)
.40 Structural tests
RMS (NSW) Methods T160, T199
Benkelman beam; deflection monitoring test