Members’ Representative Appointments

NATA is pleased to announce the appointment of the following individuals to the Members’ Representative Group following a call for nominations in October 2016:

Dr Susan Weston and Dr Jitendra Parikh representing both New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory.

Mr Andrew Murray representing Queensland.

Mr Graeme Perry representing Western Australia.

Ms Sandra Nieuwenhoven representing Victoria

NATA thanks the outgoing Members’ Representatives; Ms Milana Ranieri, Dr Bevan Hokin and Inspector David Neville for their contribution and commitment to the Group.

Members’ Representatives act as advocates for all members in their region to NATA through their participation in bi-annual meetings of the Group with NATA’s Board and executive management. Representatives are typically appointed for a four year term and there are two Member Representatives in each State and Territory.

The other Members of the Group are:

Mr Graham Smith and Mr David Pezzaniti representing South Australia.
Mr Chris Lo representing Queensland.
Mr Wayne Galbraith representing Western Australia.
Dr Roderick Chappel representing Victoria.
Mr Bob Panitzki representing Tasmania.
Mr Michael Lynch representing Northern Territory.

Vacancies still exist for an additional representative in both Tasmania and the Northern Territory.

Anyone interested in the role for the Northern Territory should direct their enquiry to the Adelaide office (08) 8179 3400 or to the Melbourne office (03) 9274 8200 for the Tasmanian position.

More information on the role of Members Representatives can be found on our website.