NMI celebrates excellence in measurement with the 2016 World Metrology Day Awards

To mark World Metrology Day earlier this year, NMI Chief Executive Officer Dr Peter Fisk announced the recipients of NMI’s World Metrology Day awards - the NMI Prize and the Barry Inglis Medal. These awards acknowledge and celebrate outstanding achievement in measurement research and excellence in practical measurements in Australia. On Monday this week, NMI held a special ceremony to present the recipients with their prizes.

Dr Fisk presented the NMI Prize 2016 to RMIT University’s Dr Suelynn Choy, for demonstrating how data generated by local infrastructure and transmitted by a regional satellite navigation system can provide accurate point positioning. This technology could boost the productivity of Australian industries such as agriculture and mining.

Following the NMI Prize presentation, Dr Barry Inglis PSM (inaugural CEO of NMI) awarded the Barry Inglis Medal to Professor Mike McLaughlin, representing CSIRO’s Infrared Soil Analysis Group and Ziltek Pty Ltd. These two organisations took out the medal for their work building an infrared monitoring device capable of rapidly and effectively detecting total petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH) in soil. The device detects and measures TPH on-site, which means fewer soil samples need to be collected for laboratory analysis, saving time and money.

The ceremony included engaging seminars of each recipient’s award-winning work. Dr Choy showed the audience how her work has been used in agriculture, where robotic tractors controlled by satellites can track, turn and operate machinery autonomously and with precision.

Members of CSIRO’s Infrared Soil Analysis Group and Ziltek Pty Ltd, Professor McLaughlin and Les Janik talked about how their hand-held, infrared screening tool worked to detect and measure TPH in soil, and presented case studies, which demonstrated the devices’ effectiveness.

These awards are announced each year on World Metrology Day, which commemorates the anniversary of the signing of the Metre Convention on 20 May, 1875. The Convention sets the framework for global collaboration in the science of measurement and its application in industry, science and society.

NMI congratulates the award winners and commends their valued input in the fields of science and metrology.

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Barry Inglis Medal 2016 winners, CSIRO’s Infrared Soil Analysis Group and Ziltek Pty Ltd stand with
Dr Barry Inglis PSM (inaugural CEO of NMI) and Dr Peter Fisk
NMI Prize 2016 winner,
Dr Suelynn Choy and NMI Chief Executive Officer, Dr Peter Fisk