The Accredited CAB Combined ILAC MRA Mark

ILAC (International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation) is the international authority on laboratory and inspection body accreditation. The ILAC MRA Mark is associated with the ILAC Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA). NATA is a signatory to this MRA.

The use of this mark is voluntary though its use by NATA and NATA accredited facilities is strongly encouraged by ILAC.

NATA accredited facilities whose accreditation activities are covered by the scope of NATA’s ILAC MRA signatory status may use the ILAC MRA Mark in conjunction with the NATA emblem. This now includes Inspection Body Accreditation and Medical Testing.

This Mark is known as the Accredited CAB Combined ILAC MRA Mark (below).

An accredited facility must seek permission from NATA to use the Accredited CAB Combined MRA Mark and prior to its use by the facility.

NATA Policy Circular 18 - Use of the NATA Emblem, NATA Endorsement and References to Accreditation and the NATA Rules have recently been revised to reflect changes to the use of the ILAC MRA Mark by accredited facilities.

Accredited facilities wishing to use the Accredited CAB Combined ILAC MRA Mark should contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , NATA’s General Manager, Compliance and Governance.