Qualcon® Australia’s national conference devoted to quality, process improvement and related topics is being held in Sydney 3 –5 July 2016 at the Sydney Novotel Central.

The conference theme is:
‘Innovation and Productivity
the place of quality in a time of rapid change’

Attendees will span the cross-section of industries and organisations, theoretical to applied, private and public, newbies and veterans, certification bodies and users. They will come from Australia and the APAC region.

This makes Qualcon® an excellent networking event for anyone interested in Quality. Whatever your level of knowledge and whatever the industry sector, you are most welcome!!

The sessions will include keynote speakers, both full-length and brief presentations, panel discussions, and “3-minute Quality Snippets” open to everyone to present a snapshot of their work/current challenge.

There are lots of opportunities to mingle between the sessions and during the various social events including the Qualcon® Gala Dinner.

For the first time Qualcon will include a session on NATA and in particular ISO/IEC 17025 titled:

‘When accurate measurement matters:
How NATA Laboratories and ISO/IEC 17025 underpin productivity’

We encourage NATA members to come along, contribute and benefit from networking with other professionals committed to Quality.
For more information, including how to register, please visit Qualcon website.

Qualcon® is a service provided by the Australian Organisation for Quality (AOQ). AOQ is a professional not-for-profit organisation that is committed to advancing principles and practices that lead to improvement in business /service and quality practices in Australian businesses and the community. In this regard it attempts to provide a valuable and robust forum for the advancement of Quality in all its forms.

AOQ’s Purpose is to provide leadership in quality that drives a strong, competitive Australia.

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