Estimating biological measurement uncertainty: a training course

Biological measurements are challenging at the best of times. Defining what we are measuring can present problems: for instance, when testing for allergens such as eggs, different ELISA kits targeting different proteins could produce very different results.

The SI units that chemists and physicists use can be difficult to apply in the biological field: would you measure viral load in moles? There is a lack of suitable calibrants in this area and sometimes the 'thing' you are trying to measure may die or evolve in front of you!

Trying to apply the Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement (GUM) that was developed for physicists often appears impossible and statisticians, however well-meaning, sometimes appear to speak another language altogether.

For these reasons Australia's National Measurement Institute developed the pragmatic Estimation of Measurement Uncertainty for Biologists training course; created for biologists by biologists.

This one-day course is suitable for food and water microbiology, as well as relevant veterinary, forensic, pathology and serology measurements. It is consistent with ISO17025, ISO15189 and ISO/TS 19036 guidelines as well as the GUM.

The course provides participants with the knowledge and skills to apply measurement uncertainty principles and traceability when developing and conducting routine analysis. Interactive workshops using examples provided by the participants are key features to make the course as interesting and relevant as possible.

Upcoming NMI Training Courses

The following NMI courses are offered during April - June 2016.

Chemical Metrology Training City Date Price
Estimating Measurement Uncertainty for Biologists Melbourne 23 June 2016 $1,083.50
Physical Metrology Training City Date Price
Dimensional Measurement Melbourne Contact Us $1795.00
Introduction to Estimating Measurement Uncertainty Perth 24-May-16 $985.00
  Sydney 7-Jun-16  
Pressure Measurement Sydney 8–9 June 2016 $1,974.50

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