Deed of Agreement with Department of Human Services (Medicare)

NATA is pleased to report that a new Deed of Agreement between NATA and the Department of Human Services was signed in December 2015.

The Deed covers the provision of accreditation assessment services for any laboratory seeking to be appointed as an Accredited Pathology Laboratory (APL) under Section 23DN of the Health Insurance Act 1973.

As well as making clear NATA’s obligations under the legislation, the Deed also reaffirms the commitment of both NATA and the Department to the provision of high quality and reliable medical testing services to the Australian population.

NATA is required to comply with the Health Insurance (Accredited Pathology Laboratories - Approval) Principles 2002 (the Principles) which outlines NATA’s obligations for assessing medical testing laboratories and reporting the outcomes.

The new Deed reflects NATA’s current surveillance cycle and provides for more flexibility in the format and content of an advisory report and assessment report (previously entitled Report on Laboratory Premises).