Board Elections are coming up

This year’s Board election will be the first to occur under the new NATA Rules. There are two vacancies to be filled.

In previous elections, nominations for the Board were restricted to NATA Council members. Following the abolition of the Council, the October 2014 version of the Rules allows for the nomination of:

  • Members - who may be represented by the Authorised Representative or by another officer, employee or representative of the member on the advice of the Authorised Representative. 
  • Eligible stakeholders - who may be represented by an officer, employee or representative.

Only members are eligible to vote in the Board election. The names and details of those who have nominated will be sent to all Authorised Representatives in the near future. 

The following section of the NATA Rules may assist those wishing to refresh their memory with regard to Board elections.

  • 10 - Members
  • 16-21 - Proceedings at General Meetings
  • 22 - Votes of members
  • 23-26 - Directors 
  • R.2-R.3 - Board