World Accreditation Day - Competition Winners

World Accreditation Day is celebrated internationally on 9 June and as part of this celebration, NATA holds a competition for all our Authorised Representatives and Technical Assessors, asking them to submit an entry describing how they feel accreditation relates to the World Accreditation Day theme.

This year’s theme of ‘Accreditation: Delivering Confidence in the provision of health and social care’ certainly struck a chord with a large number of entries being received.

After careful consideration the judges chose the following three winners: 

Health care facilities participating in an independent, external accreditation assessment process provide surety to their clients, health organisation and their community. Accredited facilities provide evidence of regulatory compliance to the specifically designed national and international standards. Furthermore, facilities which promote analysis of their monitoring of outcome, performance indicator and efficiency reporting, demonstrate their commitment to promoting service delivery and continuous quality improvement.

Rachel Prall
Quality & Service Development Officer
Statewide Bone Marrow Transplant Service

Accreditation requires that a service provider meets high level standards in the provision of their service. This is especially important in the delivery of health and social care as the recipients are often vulnerable and dependent. Patients generally have little knowledge of what should constitute desirable practice but they can rest content knowing that accredited care providers will have watchdog organisations assuring quality. Health and social health professionals may have limited knowledge outside of their field of expertise and yet rely on other professionals to do their part in the care journey of the patient. Thus everybody, care giver or receiver can have confidence that an accredited system should deliver what they need and expect- care delivered to world class standards.

Greg Palmer
Laboratory Manager
SA Pathology

The welfare of our population – especially our compromised population – is something that cannot be undermined or underestimated. As a nation, we are renowned for our Australian “mateship”. That is, the ingrained nature of Australians to look out for one another. With regards to the testing services provided for health and social care, the quality of the information we give those who need it is crucial. The accreditation process, from application to approval (and subsequent maintenance of your accreditation) teaches all those involved how important it is to ensure their workplace is operating to the highest standard. There are individuals and families relying on accurate information; one test result can be life changing. “It takes a village to raise a child” – and it takes dedication and commitment to help those in need, and the personnel who work in those facilities which support these needs understand this. Accreditation facilitates our ingrained support for each other in the best possible way: There is no substitute for quality.

Jessica Tunnage
Laboratory Manager
Northern Co-operative Meat Company

NATA congratulates our winners and is pleased to present them with their prizes. Each has received a dinner for two to the value of $200 at the restaurant of their choice.