NATA News June 2014


As you can see from this issue, we’ve made some important changes to NATA News. It’s now an e-newsletter that makes it easier to view article summaries and to access the full articles you’d like to read. It will also be sent to you six times a year instead of quarterly…Read More

Policy Circular 7 - NATA Privacy Policy updated

Policy Circular 7 - NATA Privacy Policy has been recently updated on the NATA website. The document can be downloaded from the 'Accreditation Publications'…Read More

Review of Victorian Safe Drinking Water Regulations

The Safe Drinking Water Regulations 2005 support the Safe Drinking Water Act 2003. The current guidelines will sunset in July 2015
Read More

NATA Balance Technical Note 13 Updated

NATA’s Technical Note covering user checks and maintenance of laboratory balances has received a major update in response to correspondence from our members…Read More

Protection from the unknowns

In December 2013 Watermark Services Group (WSG) received NATA accreditation for In-Services Verification, Inspection and testing. Based in the inner-Sydney suburb…Read More

Chemical Testing Accreditation Advisory Committee

Dr Vyt Garnys retired from the Committee in March 2014.  Vyt as he is known to us all, joined the Committee in 1999 and was appointed to the position of Chair in 2008…Read More

Department of Agriculture expands MoU

NATA’s Memorandum of Understanding with the Commonwealth Department of Agriculture (formerly DAFF) has been expanded to include a new Schedule…Read More

Meat Inspection – Department of Agriculture’s new Scheme

The Independent Employer of AAOs Accreditation Scheme will facilitate the ongoing acceptance of Australian meat exports to the European Union…Read More

Plumbing Products - WaterMark Certification Scheme Review

The Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) has been undertaking a full review of the WaterMark Certification Scheme. Material and product failures…Read More

Ministers agree to vary Ambient Air Quality NEPM

Environment ministers from across Australia met on 29 April in Canberra to progress key environment issues of national significance…Read More

AFP gains first accreditation to AS 5388

Back in 2009 the Australia New Zealand Policing Advisory Agency National Institute of Forensic Science (ANZPAA NIFS) facilitated the formation of a Standards Australia…Read More

CSIRO-ChemCentre Cyanide Chemistry Training Course

This 2 day training course will provide you with a detailed understanding of cyanide chemistry and hands-on practice on "State of the Art" analysis techniques…Read More

NATA welcomes new accreditations

Since our last issue NATA has announced the new accreditation of 35 facilities. Click to view the full list of facilities…Read More

DPI testing helps NSW farmers

With more farmers relying on outsourced feed and fodder as a result of drought conditions, the NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) is encouraging farmers…Read More


New ILAC publications released

Over the past few weeks the ILAC MCC and IAF CMC have finalised 3 publications for your use.A factsheet: ‘Specifying accreditation in Regulation’ is now availableRead More

New MoU signed with Sydney Water

NATA has signed a new Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Sydney Water that will help protect the authority’s water supply and sewerage systems...Read More

Updated Procedures for Accreditation

An updated version of the NATA Procedures for Accreditation has been published on the NATA website. The document, ‘NATA Procedures for Accreditation (March 2014)… Read More

A new approach to assessment of asbestos testing facilities

From 1 June 2014 NATA has implemented a new process for the assessment of facilities testing asbestos. After extensive stakeholder consultation NATA Chemical Testing…Read More

Business impacts and opportunities

Government policy and regulation is constantly being reviewed and changed. Many of these have relevance to NATA’s accredited facilities and stakeholders…Read More

Food and Water Testing – Mandatory Notifications

When undertaking assessments covering microbiological testing of food and potable water conducted in Queensland, Tasmania and Victoria…Read More

Tasmanian Government MoU renewed

NATA first signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Tasmanian Government in 2004. Now in its third iteration, the latest MoU was signed... Read More

NATA approved agency for NSQHS Standards

NATA is pleased to announce that we have been granted approval by the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Healthcare (ACSQHC) to provide assessments…Read More

Structural Steel Product Certification Scheme launched

Designed to provide improved assurance of the quality of structural steel in the context of serious concerns about
non-conforming product entering the market…Read More

Stakeholder news from Codex Committee on Methods

The Codex Committee on Methods of Analysis and Sampling (CCMAS) specifies reference methods or develops criteria for suitable methods of analysis…Read More

New Legal Courses for Laboratory Staff

NATA has introduced two new courses for laboratory staff who require a sound understanding of the requirements for examination and testing to be accepted in a legal context…Read More

DTS marks 60 years in food and beverage testing

Dairy Technical Services Limited was founded in 1954 to provide microbiological and chemical test results for export products. The business is now known as DTS Food…Read More

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