Economic value of NATA Accreditation in Australia

Report by University of Technology Sydney

The National Association of Testing Authorities Australia (NATA) and University of Sydney Technology (UTS) launched the Report Economic Value of NATA Accreditation in Australia on 25 July 2018.

The research for the Report is based on a combined survey and interview based methodology and the Report concludes that the direct value of NATA accreditation to the Australian economy is between $315M and $421M per annum. The mid-point value of these estimates is $368M, approximately $1M per day.

The NATA Chair, Dr Geoff Hogg states in his Foreword that “as a not-for-profit member owned organisation, NATA believes it is important for the Government, stakeholders, members, and the community to be informed of the economic value of the contribution made by NATA and its volunteers to Australia.”

While the Report concludes that there is a direct and quantitative contribution to the economy by NATA’s accreditation activities, it acknowledges that it is impossible to place a value on the intangible attributes of accreditation.

Emeritus Professor Roy Green indicates in his Preface to the Report that: “What is clear is that accreditation in this context provides both direct and indirect benefits to consumers of intermediate and final good and services, and hence to the economy and society more widely”.

The Final Report and the Executive Summary of the Final Report are available to download below.