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Mr Arnold Perez
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ISO/IEC 17025 (2017)
Flow metrology - Flow measuring devices and systems
Air sampling pumps and meters;
Flow rate;
Comparison with a reference meter; Volumetric transfer;
WI 802.10 (Air Sampling Pump Calibration - Back Pressure Test and Leak Test only) ;
WI 803.10 (Flow Meter Calibration using the Bubble Flow meter as reference)

With Calibration and Measurement Capability of -
Calibration of gas flow meters and pumps using air at atmospheric conditions
as the test fluid with a minimum test volume of 1000 mL
with a Calibration and Measurement Capability of -
1.0% of flow rate from 200 mL/min to 2500 mL/min
(2.0% of flow rate minus 25 mL/min) above 2500 mL/min to 5000 mL/min