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34 Arncliffe Street

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Mr Andrew Fernandez
+61(02) 95971988

Services conditionally available to external clients

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The only data displayed is that deemed relevant and necessary for the clear description of the activities and services covered by the scope of accreditation.
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ISO/IEC 17025 (2017)
Manufactured Goods
Performance evaluation of packages and containers
Steel drums;
Drop impact resistance; Handle strength; Leakage; Resistance to internal hydraulic pressure;
Not applicable;
AS 2905:2005 Appendix B, Appendix D, and Appendix E

Tinplate cans for general use;
Drop impact resistance; Leakage; Resistance to internal hydraulic pressure; Stacking performance;
Not applicable;
AS 2854:2004 (Withdrawn), ADG 07 Clause, ADG07 Clause, ADG07 Clause, ADG07 Clause
Tin plate drums, pails and cans of 25L capacity or less

including drums and pails

Portable fuel containers;
Drop impact resistance; External pressure - Vacuum; Handle strength; Hydrostatic pressure/stability strength;
Not applicable;
AS/NZS 2906 Appendix E, AS/NZS 2906 Appendix G, AS/NZS 2906 Appendix H, AS/NZS 2906 Appendix L, AS/NZS 2906 Appendix M
Portable metal fuel containers to 5L
Sample collection
Packages and containers;
Not applicable;
Sample handling;
In-house method QAP001