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The only data displayed is that deemed relevant and necessary for the clear description of the activities and services covered by the scope of accreditation.
Grey text appearing in a SoA is additional freetext providing further refinement or information on the data in the preceding line entry.

ISO/IEC 17025 (2017)
Dimensional metrology - Engineering equipment and precision instruments
Road friction testers;
Surface friction;
By methods of BS 7976-3;
BS 7976-3
ARRB Procedure ATM No 6
with Calibration and Measurement Capability of -
3.0 pendulum test value units from 4 to 150 pendulum test value units

ISO/IEC 17025 (2017)
Infrastructure and Asset Integrity
Evaluation of geotechnical and civil construction material - Aggregate properties
Particle density of coarse aggregate; Particle density of fine aggregate; Water absorption of coarse aggregate; Water absorption of fine aggregate;
AS 1141.5
AS 1141.6.2

Voids in dry compacted filler;
Not applicable;
AS/NZS 1141.17

Apparent particle density of filler;
Not applicable;
AS/NZS 1141.7

Particle size distribution;
Sieve analysis; Sieve analysis of material finer than 75 µm;
AS 1141.11.1
AS 1141.12
Evaluation of geotechnical and civil construction material - Asphalt extraction and grading
Bitumen content and aggregate grading;
Pressure filter;
AS/NZS 2891.3.3
Evaluation of geotechnical and civil construction material - Asphalt mechanical properties
Marshall stability and flow;
Not applicable;
AS/NZS 2891.5
Evaluation of geotechnical and civil construction material - Asphalt mix design
Mix composition;
Marshall method;
RC (Vic) Method 201.01
Evaluation of geotechnical and civil construction material - Asphalt performance
Resilient modulus;
Indirect tensile;
AS/NZS 2891.13.1

Asphalt particle loss;
Austroads Method AGPT/T236

Deformation resistance; Wheel tracking stability;
Wheel tracking machine;
Austroads Method AGPT/T231

Stripping potential;
Tensile strength ratio;
Austroads Method AGPT/T232

Fatigue life;
Flexural bending;
Austroads Method AGPT/T274

Fatigue life;
Flexural bending;
Austroads Method AGPT/T233
Evaluation of geotechnical and civil construction material - Asphalt specimen manufacture
Specimen compaction;
Compaction of asphalt slabs;
Austroads Method AGPT/T220

Specimen conditioning;
Handling and conditioning;
AS/NZS 2891.2.1

Specimen compaction;
Gyratory compaction;
AS/NZS 2891.2.2
Evaluation of geotechnical and civil construction material - Asphalt volumetric properties
Maximum density;
Water displacement;
AS/NZS 2891.7.1

Bulk density;
Mensuration; Presaturation;
AS/NZS 2891.9.2, AS/NZS 2891.9.3

Voids and density relationship;
Not applicable;
AS/NZS 2891.8
Evaluation of geotechnical and civil construction material - Road pavement profile
Road pavements;
Surface evenness;
Two laser profilometer;
MR (Qld) Method Q708B

ISO/IEC 17025 (2017)
Analysis of bituminous materials - Composition
Bituminous materials;
Insoluble matter in toluene;
Not applicable;
AS/NZS 2341.8
Analysis of bituminous materials - Properties
Bituminous materials;
Segregation of bituminous materials;
Not applicable;
EN 13399

Apparent; Brookfield viscometer; Dynamic - Capillary tube; Rotational; Sliding plate viscometer;
AS/NZS 2341.2
AS/NZS 2341.4
AS/NZS 2341.5
Austroads Method AGPT/T111

Bituminous materials;
Sample handling and conditioning;
Not applicable;
AS/NZS 2341.21
ARRB-TR Method 07
Austroads Method AGPT /T191 

Extraction of binder from seal and asphalt specimens

Consistency; Elastic recovery; Stiffness;
Wet track abrasion;
Austroads Method AGPT/T121

Torsional recovery;
Not applicable;
Austroads Method AGPT/T122

Softening point;
Ring and ball;
AS 2341.18
Austroads Method AGPT/T131

Rolling thin film oven (RTFO);
Effect of heat and air on a moving film of bitumen;
AS/NZS 2341.10
Austroads Method AGPT/T103

Long term exposure to heat and air;
AS/NZS 2341.13

Direct shear rheometer;
Austroads Method AGPT/T192

Penetration of bitumen;
Not applicable;
AS 2341.12