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Note: Not all of the columns of the scope of accreditation displayed include data.
The only data displayed is that deemed relevant and necessary for the clear description of the activities and services covered by the scope of accreditation.
Grey text appearing in a SoA is additional freetext providing further refinement or information on the data in the preceding line entry.

ISO/IEC 17025 (2017)
Manufactured Goods
Electrical equipment approval and safety evaluation
Enclosures for electrical equipment; Luminaires;
Degree of protection - IP rating;
Not applicable;
AS 1939;
AS 60529; IEC 60529;
AS/NZS 60598.1 Section 9

Electrical cables, cords and conductors;
Electrical performance of electrical cables, cords and conductors;
Conductor resistance; Insulation resistance;
AS 1660.3

Electrical equipment for explosive environments;
Ignition source risk;
Type of protection 'd' flameproof enclosures; Type of protection 'e' increased safety apparatus; Type of protection 'i' intrinsic safety; Type of protection 'm' encapsulated apparatus; Type of protection 'n' non-sparking apparatus; Type of protection 'o' oil immersion; Type of protection 'p' pressurised enclosures; Type of protection 'q' powder (sand) filled apparatus; Type of protection 's' special protection; Type of protection 't' dust ignition protection; Type of protection 'v' ventilation; Type of protection - (EPL) Ga; Type of protection - Dust excluding ignition - Proof equipment (DIP); Type of protection - Fieldbus intrinsically safe concept (FISCO); Type of protection - Intrinsically safe systems;
AS 1299 excluding clause 3.3.10;
AS 1300 excluding clause 3.3.9;
AS 1482 (1985);
AS 1826;
AS 1828;
AS 1915;
AS 2081.1;
AS 2081.2;
AS 2081.3;
AS 2081.4;
AS 2081.5;
AS 2187.2 Appendix B
AS 2236;
AS 2229 (tests in the laboratory and in the field);
AS 2380.1;
AS 2380.2;
AS 2380.4;
AS 2380.6 excluding clauses 4.3 and 4.5.2;
AS 2380.7;
AS 2380.9;
AS 2431;
AS/NZS 4114.1 (tests in the laboratory and in the field);
AS/NZS 4871.1;
AS/NZS 4871.2;
AS/NZS 4871.3;
AS/NZS 4871.4;
AS/NZS 4871.5;  
AS/NZS 60079.0; IEC 60079-0 (tests in the laboratory and in the field);
AS/NZS 60079.1; IEC 60079-1 (tests in the laboratory and in the field);
AS/NZS 60079.2; IEC 60079-2 (tests in the laboratory and in the field);
AS/NZS 60079.5; IEC 60079-5;
AS/NZS 60079.6; IEC 60079-6;
AS/NZS 60079.7; IEC 60079-7;
AS/NZS 60079.11; IEC 60079-11;
AS/NZS 60079.13; IEC 60079-13 (tests in the laboratory and in the field);
AS/NZS 60079.15; IEC 60079-15;
AS/NZS 60079.18; IEC 60079-18;
AS/NZS 60079.25; IEC 60079-25;
AS/NZS 60079.26, IEC 60079-26;
AS/NZS 60079.27; IEC 60079-27;
AS/NZS 60079.30.1; IEC 60079-30-1;
AS/NZS 60079.31; IEC 60079-31;
AS/NZS 60079.35.1; IEC 60079-35-1;
AS/NZS 61241.0; IEC 61241-0;
AS/NZS 61241.1;; IEC 61241-1;
AS/NZS 61241.1.1 (1999); IEC 61241-1-1 (1999);
AS/NZS 61241.4; IEC 61241-4;
AS/NZS 61241.11; IEC 61241-11;
AS/NZS 61241.18; IEC 61241-18;
AS/NZS 62013.1; IEC 62013-1;
AS/NZS 62086.1; IEC 62086-1;
IEC-79-16 (tests in the laboratory and in the field);

Electrical appliances, coupling devices and accessories;
Electrical safety;
Dimensional assessment including creepage and clearance; Electrical characteristics; Endurance and resistance to external conditions; Energy measurement; Fire hazard assessment; Firmware assessment; Function assessment including abnormal operation; Insulation and electrical protection measurement; Mechanical assessment; Temperature; Visual examination;
AS 3100 clause 8.3.1 and 8.11 (tests in the laboratory and in the field) ;
AS/NZS 60079.0 clause 26.5 and 26.13; IEC 60079-0 clause 26.5 and 26.13 (tests in the laboratory and in the field) ;
Temperature up to 400oC

Electrical appliances, coupling devices and accessories; Lamps and lampholders (including LED-based lamps);
Effect of environmental exposure on electrical equipment and enclosures;
Cold; Damp heat; Dry heat;
AS/NZS 60068.2.1; IEC 60068-2-1;
AS/NZS 60068.2.2; IEC 60068-2-2;
AS/NZS 60068.2.30; IEC 60068-2-30;
Temperature in the range -10oC to 280oC;
Humidity in the range 10% to 95%
Damp heat cyclic (12 + 12-hour cycle)
Evaluation of fire risk (excluding electrical products) and fire mitigation performance
Belting; Hose and hose assemblies;
Combustion propagation; Flammability; Ignitability;
Not applicable;
AS 1180.10B;
AS 1334.10;
ISO 8030

Insulating materials for electrical equipment and electrotechnical products;
Surface resistivity;
Not applicable;
AS 1147.1 Appendix D

Non-electrical products for use in flammable or explosive environments (excludes combustion devices);
Comparative index tracking;
Not applicable;
AS 2431;
AS/NZS 4695.112;
AS/NZS 60112

Insulation resistance;
Not applicable;
AS 2380.1; 
IEC 60079; AS/NZS 60079.0 (tests in the laboratory and in the field);
Material performance evaluation of elastomers, plastics and composite products
Belting; Hosing material;
Electrical resistance;
Not applicable;
AS 1180.13A;
AS 1334.9;
AS 2784;
ISO 2878;
Surface electrical resistance
Material performance evaluation of leather, textiles and related products
Floor coverings;
Electrical resistance;
Not applicable;
AS 2834 Appendix D;
Surface electrical resistance