Complaint Procedure

NATA investigates complaints about the organisation, our accredited facilities and the misuse of the NATA logo by non-accredited entities.

All complaints, including anonymous complaints, will be investigated provided sufficient and reliable information is made available by the complainant.

Receipt of a complaint is acknowledged with the complainant and any additional information pertinent to the investigation obtained. The matter is then thoroughly investigated.

The action taken by NATA with respect to a specific complaint is dependent on the nature of the complaint and the outcome of the investigation.

Once the complaint investigation is concluded and any necessary remedial action taken, the complainant is informed.

All complaints are handled in line with NATA’s Privacy Policy and NATA Rules and where necessary the identity of one or all parties can to be protected.

Complaints can be forwarded to NATA’s Quality Manager, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., through your usual contact at NATA, or by contacting any of the NATA offices. Alternatively you can complete the complaint form.

Please note: we may need to contact you to obtain further information or evidence before we are able to commence an investigation into your complaint.