Technical Assessors

NATA assessments are first and foremost a peer review process.  As such, NATA relies heavily on the specialised knowledge and experience of its volunteer technical assessors.

The volunteer work offered to NATA is well recognised within the scientific and technical fraternity and the support offered by organisations in making their staff available to NATA as volunteers is acknowledged. In some cases, participation in technical assessments is recognised under continuing professional development (CPD) schemes.

Technical assessors work under the direction of the NATA lead assessor (NATA staff member) during the assessment of facilities. They provide support by reviewing activities performed by the facility and offering their feedback to the lead assessor. As well as participating in on-site assessments, technical assessors may be asked to provide follow up advice and guidance to NATA on post assessment activities, such as reviewing a facility’s response to assessment findings.

The vast majority of technical assessors work in NATA accredited facilities, or are individuals who are well recognised by the profession in their field of expertise including those from academia.

Once accepting an invitation to become a technical assessor, individuals participate in a training course delivered by NATA.