Our Mission and Strategic Plan

Our Vision

To support Australia’s technical infrastructure, NATA accreditation underpins all activities that rely on testing, measurement, inspection and related services.

NATA Strategic Plan 2019-2021

This is the Strategic Plan (Plan) of NATA for the three financial years commencing 1 July 2018 (financial year 2019) to 30 June 2021 (financial year 2021). This Plan is reviewed and updated annually and covers the medium to long term goals and objectives of NATA.

The Plan was approved by the Board on the 20 June 2018.

Our Mission

To deliver best practice and cost effective accreditation and complementary services that serve members and the national interest.

Strategic Plan Summary

1. Stakeholder Engagement

2. Service Delivery
NATA will provide value adding services and innovative business solutions that meet the needs of our members and customers, and fulfil the expectations of the community. NATA will achieve this by maintaining and developing our highly trained staff, drawing on the expertise and deep knowledge of our volunteers, and harnessing the capability of our technology platform.

NATA is committed to promoting accreditation and related services as public good for the community and quality assurance that adds value to the business of our members and customers.
NATA’s role and contribution are valued and recognised by domestic stakeholders, members, and the international accreditation community.

4. People

Pursue sustainable growth to provide opportunities for optimising NATA’s contributions, fostering creative thinking, and improving core activities for future viability.

6. Finance and Security


1. Diligence
We deliver our services proficiently, with integrity and impartiality

2. Responsibility 
We are reliable and accountable for our services

3. Innovation
We develop our practices to ensure the on-going relevance of our business to members, clients and stakeholders

4. Value 
We deliver services recognised for their importance to the national interest and add value to our members’ and clients’ businesses

5. Expertise 
We deliver our services with a high level of expert knowledge