Our Mission and Strategic Plan


Leadership and Profile

NATA's role and contribution are recognised and valued with respect to:

  • the improvement in public safety, productivity, and technical infrastructure in Australia; and
  • the representation of Australia's interest in the international accreditation community and promotion of trade through reduction in technical barriers to trade.

Stakeholder Engagement

NATA will continue to provide accreditation programs and related activities that meet the needs of our stakeholders.

Our stakeholders will continue to support our goals and remain engaged in their commitment to NATA. We will achieve this through consultation and collaboration with our stakeholders on key issues in a transparent and efficient manner.

Operational Excellence

We will deliver a quality service at a reasonable cost using an innovative business model that meets clients' needs and will be responsive to their future requirements.


Our staff have the technical knowledge, customer service skills and motivation to deliver quality service to our clients.

Our volunteer technical assessors and committee members are recognised for their technical expertise and valued for their contributions to NATA and the community.

Our people, both staff and volunteers, have an appropriate mix of skill, experience and expertise, and are maintained by effective succession planning.

Innovation and Technology

We will maintain a contemporary technology infrastructure to support the interface with stakeholders, clients, volunteers, and the community.

We will deploy technology to support product innovation, transform business process, and enable improvements in service delivery.

NATA people will be equipped with appropriate technology and support to enhance their contribution to NATA's objectives.

Growth and Security

We will develop and maintain functional capability and operational capacity to meet the needs and growth of stakeholders and customers, and provide opportunity for our people

A prudent risk management framework will be maintained to manage risk.

We will maintain a sound financial structure and adequate reserve to secure NATA's future.