About Accreditation

Accreditation provides a means of determining, formally recognising and promoting that an organisation is competent to perform specific types of conformity assessment activities including but not limited to testing, inspection, calibration, and other related activities in a reliable credible and accurate manner. The activities for which accreditation is granted, which may not be all activities the facility performs, are described in a scope of accreditation.  

The provision of accreditation must be:

  • objective, transparent and effective;
  • use highly professional competent assessors and technical experts in all relevant disciplines; 
  • use assessors (and subcontractors) that are reliable, ethical and competent in both accreditation processes and the relevant technical disciplines.

Accreditation delivers confidence in reports, certificates and conformity statements. It underpins the quality of results by ensuring their traceability, comparability, validity and commutability.

Facilities can be private or government owned, and can range in size from one-person operations through to large multi-disciplinary organisations. Field operations and temporary laboratories are also catered for.

Accreditation is distinct from certification, which focuses on an organisation's overall compliance with systems and products standards rather than technical competence.

NATA's accreditation is based on a peer-review process made possible by volunteer experts who assist with the assessment of facilities and sit on NATA's various technical committees. To maintain accreditation, facilities must be re-assessed regularly.

The criteria for determining a facility's competence are based on the relevant international standard (e.g. ISO/IEC 17025, ISO 15189, ISO/IEC 17020) and include: the qualifications, training and experience of staff; correct equipment that is properly calibrated and maintained; adequate quality assurance procedures; appropriate sampling practices, and so on.

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