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The ‘Fellows as Assessors for NATA/RCPA Accreditation” guidelines were updated and republished in March 2015 by RCPA. They are available from the RCPA website

A copy of these guidelines is included in the briefing notes of Technical Assessors undertaking Medical Testing assessments and is a very useful, informative and useful resource for assessment teams.  

A new version of the NATA Procedures for Accreditation was published in September. A number of amendments have been made with the most significant being the following: 

Facilities seeking NATA/RCPA accreditation must also comply with all the relevant National Pathology Accreditation Advisory Council (NPAAC) standards. 

This has now removed the distinction between Medicare and non-Medicare testing for laboratories seeking NATA/RCPA Accreditation under ISO 15189. All labs must now comply with relevant NPAAC requirements regardless of Medicare reimbursement.